Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Arch Dental is excited to announce that we have LASER TECHNOLOGY available to our patients. It is a no drill and no needles technology that is at the cutting edge of the dental industry. Most cavities are removed using a laser handpiece that most times does not require the patient needing to have a shot to be numb. Ask us at Arch Dental about the laser treatment.

How dental lasers work:  Arch Dental laser dentistry: Traditional drills are replaced with an laser hand piece. The laser frequency emits rays that penetrate through the cavities. In most cases these frequencies can be so specific that they not disturb the “pain nerve”, which allows our dentists to remove the cavity without the sensation of pain and fillings are done without the need of getting a shot.

Laser fillings are safe for all ages. It is used in cases where patients do want to receive anesthetics. Children often benefit from knowing they will not get a shot during their visit. Patients also appreciate not hearing the sound of a traditional drill.

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Aesthetics Laser Treatment

With Laser Dentistry has also extended our services to include facial rejuvenation treatment and lip plumping treatment. We also added snoring treatment to help with some sleep disorders. Laser Dentistry is the way of the future and we have it here at Arch Dental of Debbie Lane. Make an appointment for your treatment today! Ask how you can get a FREE LASER TREATMENT.

Image of paitent’s first Smoothlase Laser treatment immediate before and after results! Smoothlase laser facial rejuvenation.  No anesthesia, no downtime. Follow Mrs Wendy’s journey through her facial rejuvenation with Arch Dental on Facebook at Arch Dental of Debbie Lane. 

Aesthetics Laser Treatment

Laser facial rejuvenation at Arch Dental is an in office, no anesthesia, no down time, non-surgical treatment with immediate results! Our Dentists work inside the oral cavity to stimulate collagen using laser technology with point specific technique.

Our skin naturally produces higher levels of collagen in our youth, but as we age collagen decreases and leads to less elasticity and decreased fullness in the skin. At Arch Dental, our laser method aims to fills in fine lines, smooths out skin and giving it a lift through cell regeneration and collagen stimulation.

Procedures take an average of 45 minutes. It may take 4-7 visits for complete treatment depending your needs and goals. Immediate results may be seen in each visit. Patients should see smoother and more filled texture throughout 30 days when the body naturally produces collagen from the stimulated effects of the laser. Results can last over years, however, we recommend at least a touch-up ever year.

Snoring treatment is now available at Arch Dental. No appliances and no surgery. Ask us how!

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