Are Sports Drinks Bad for Your Teeth?

Spring is around the corner and because it is Children’s Dental Health Month we’ve decided to dive into the discussion about sports drinks affecting your family’s oral health!

It’s no secret that sports drinks are extremely common for people to drink during and after games. Yes! During a big soccer or football game athletes use sports drinks to keep them hydrated and replenish important minerals when they sweat. But beyond electrolytes and hydration, there are loads of sugar that could harm your teeth!

Did you know that in one 32 oz. bottle of a sports drink there are a staggering 14 teaspoons of sugar? Among the amount of sugar that’s being consumed, the levels of acid in sports drinks can cause tooth erosion, hypersensitivity, and staining, according to the findings of New York University dental researchers. 

This is especially harmful to children who drink sports drinks on a daily bases without brushing their teeth. When at a big game, a restaurant or a fast-food restaurant we think that giving children a sports drink instead of a soft drink is better for them but in reality, there’s not much difference. 

If you’re concerned about replacing your children’s electrolytes after a big game consider using a straw, alternating between water and sports drinks, or even diluting the sports drink with water. We know this might be a challenging adjustment, but the important thing is that we’re not setting up our children’s oral health for failure when we’re constantly serving them sugar-loaded drinks when they can be drinking water or another healthy snack.

Bananas, watermelon, and coconut water are other good options for staying hydrated after a big game. These options also contain a lower amount of sugar! At the end of the day, water is the most natural and healthy hydrating drink that supports your muscles, nerves and it also encourages healthy habits children can use as they get older.

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