Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before They Expire

Did you know that your dental insurance benefits expire at the end of every year? Any unused benefits will expire if they’re not used by Dec. 31st.

You pay for your benefits, don’t let them expire without using them! Now that the end of the year is approaching we encourage you to take advantage of everything your insurance plan provides, especially if you have unfinished treatment.

Dental Checkups

We know life can be busy and sometimes setting up dental appointments can be put on the back-burner. But please remember that most insurance companies provide coverage for two checkups per year, every six months. If you’re paying for your dental insurance, and haven’t had a dental checkup in the past six months, you most likely have a dental checkup that still needs to be used! Get the most out of your dental insurance and schedule your routine checkup at Arch Dental before Dec. 31.

Dental Treatment

If you’ve already had your routine checkups and have unfinished dental treatment, the end of the year is the perfect time to get started. This is especially true if you’ve already met your deductible and haven’t hit your annual maximum. Once your deductible is paid, your out-of-pocket expenses can decrease dramatically, making it an ideal situation for larger dental treatments. 

We encourage you to continue your dental treatment at Arch Dental to get the most out of your dental insurance. For our patients who have unfinished treatment, please schedule your appointment as soon as possible. As we get closer to the end of the year, many patients will book their appointments, filling up our books very quickly. 

For those of you looking for dental care in the Arlington-Mansfield area, we invite you to request your appointment. Below is a list of insurances we accept. If you are unsure about your dental insurance benefits please feel free to call us at 817-533-4755.

United Healthcare
Delta Dental

Don’t let your 2020 dental insurance benefits go waste by scheduling your appointment as soon as possible as Arch Dental. Dr. Chau Truong can’t wait to see you.

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