Using your Dental Insurance before the end of the year

Why you should use your Dental Insurance before the end of the year!

Your dental insurance has thousands of dollars saved up for your dental treatment this year. Did you know that you could lose this money if you don’t use your dental insurance benefits before the end of 2018? This is the gamble insurance companies take and hope that you forfeit your annual benefits. So if you have dental insurance, here are some reasons you should make your dental appointment now.

  1. Yearly Maximum: This is the money that the dental insurance will pay for your dental treatment within the year. The amount varies depending on your plan, but it could range on average from $1000-2500 per year. This is the amount the insurance has already set aside for you each year. Keep in mind this amount renews ever year BUT does NOT rollover if you do not use it. So you’re essentially forfeiting your money when you don’t use your benefits every year!
  2. Deductible: This is the amount that you must pay each year before the insurance will start making any payments. Again, this amount is different from plans and companies, but the average deductible is usually $50. You only pay your deductible once a year but it starts over when the new year starts. So to get the maximum benefits, you should get as much work as you need once you have already met your annual deductible, because you will have to pay another deductible next year before the insurance kicks in.
  3. Premiums: This is the amount you or your employers pay every month to the insurance company for your benefits. Kind of like making car payments every month and not driving the car. So even if you don’t need major dental treatment, it is still a good idea to get your regular dental check ups and cleanings. Maintaining good oral care is a lot cheaper than waiting for problems to get worse. Don’t forget you may be able to apply your dental benefit towards braces or certain cosmetic cases. So see your dentists and ask about your aesthetic needs as well.
  4. Treatment Planning with your Dental Benefits in Mind: A resourceful Dental office can work with your insurance benefits to make sure your treatment plans make the most of your benefits and less out of pocket expenses to you. For example, in the case of Implants. There can be a 3-4 months period between getting your teeth extracted and the placement of implants. Your dentist may be able to map out treatment so your benefits are maximized for each year for the different phases of treatment and when possible not to exceed your insurance coverage for that year which could cost you more out of pocket expenses.

How Arch Dental of Debbie Lane can maximize your Insurance Benefits

Knowing how dental insurances work and how to apply it to your treatment is an important tool for patients to use their benefits wisely. At Arch Dental of Debbie Lane, we take all these things into consideration when discussing treatment options with you. We verify with your insurance company your complete benefits. Your treatment plan will include a complete break down of insurance coverage. We work with the insurance company directly to collect from them. There are no surprise bills or statements.

Arch Dental also offer laser dentistry at no extra cost to our patients. We’re able to remove cavities without giving you a shot using a laser handpiece. No drills, No Shots and NO extra cost!

With our laser technology we’re also able to perform Aesthetic procedure such as; facial rejuvenation, lip plumping and snore treatment. Ask how you can quality for a FREE treatment this year.

And don’t forget about the FREE WHITENING for our patients. This is how we highlight your beautiful smile!

Make your appointment today and make the most out of your dental insurance; use it, don’t lose it!


ALL PPO insurances welcome! Don’t see your insurance carrier here? Call us, we’re constantly updating our membership so chances are we’ve got your covered!

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